Estrada Nacional 2 – The Portuguese “Route 66”

The mythical EN2, often referred to as the “Route 66 of Portugal” due to its historical and scenic character, connects the cities of Chaves to the north and Faro to the south. With 739.26 kms, it is the longest national road in Portugal and one of the longest in the world, just after Route 66 (USA) and Route 40 (Argentina). It crosses 11 districts, 35 municipalities, 11 mountains and 13 rivers.

The “Frommer’s” Travel Guide distinguished the National Road 2 as one of the best choices in the year 2020, highlighting its safety, its variety in the offer of accommodation and restaurants, as well as being an accessible destination.

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You can purchase the National Road 2 Passport at the tourist offices and town halls of the municipalities through which the EN2 passes. It was created by the Association of Municipalities of the National Road Route 2. They contain a map of the EN2 route and are used to collect the various stamps that testify to your passage through each of the 35 municipalities through which the EN2 passes (you can ask for the stamp at the tourist offices, the main monuments and participating shops).

  1. Black Tableware from Bisalhães (UNESCO Intangible Heritage of Humanity) – Vila Real
  2. Terraces of the Douro Wine Region (UNESCO Intangible Heritage of Humanity) – Peso da Régua and Pinhão
  3. Livraria do Mondego – Natural monument due to erosion of thousands of years – Penacova
  4. Schist Villages in Serra da Lousã – Ex: Aldeia da Pena
  5. River beaches – Pedrogão Grande
  6. Geodesic Centre of Portugal – Vila de Rei
  7. Manufacture of rattles (UNESCO Intangible Heritage of Humanity) – Viana do Alentejo