Costa Vicentina Itinerary | 7 days | Sun & Sea | 635 kms

Montijo – Lisbon – Lagos – Sagres – Vila do Bispo – Aljezur – Zambujeira – Sines – Comporta – Montijo

Dona Ana Beach | Source:

Full day: Lagos

Exploring Lakes: During the morning, explore the city of Lagos. Visit the Ponta da Bandeira Fortress, the Church of Santo António, and the charming streets of the historic center.

Dona Ana Beach and Ponta da Piedade: Enjoy the afternoon at Dona Ana Beach, one of the most beautiful beaches in the region. Then, take a boat ride to the caves and rock formations at Ponta da Piedade.

Dinner in Lagos: Dine at one of the local restaurants in Lagos, and taste the delicious Algarve cuisine.

Overnight: Turiscampo Camping & Bungalow Park.

Day 2 | 35 kms

Lagos, Sagres

Ponta de Sagres | Source:


Fortress of Sagres and Cape St. Vincent: In the morning, visit the Fortress of Sagres and Cape St. Vincent, enjoying the panoramic views of the ocean.


Beaches of Sagres: Spend the afternoon on the beaches of Sagres, such as Praia do Beliche or Praia do Martinhal. If you’re interested, take the opportunity to take a surf lesson.


Dinner in Sagres: Dinner at a local restaurant in Sagres, where you can taste fresh seafood.

Overnight: Orbitur Sagres.

Day 3 | 25 kms

Sagres, Vila do Bispo and Surrounding Beaches

Bishop’s Village

Vila do Bispo is a village located in the extreme southwest of Portugal, in the Algarve region. This picturesque village has an authentic atmosphere and is surrounded by stunning natural scenery.


Vila do Bispo: Explore the village of Vila do Bispo, known for its authenticity. Visit the church and enjoy the tranquil surroundings.


Cordoama Beach and Castelejo Beach: Spend the afternoon on the beaches of Vila do Bispo, such as Cordoama Beach and Castelejo Beach. Enjoy the wild landscapes.


Dinner in Vila do Bispo: Dinner in one of Vila do Bispo’s local restaurants, exploring the traditional flavors.

Overnight: Orbitur Sagres.

Day 4 | 35 kms

Vila de Bispo, Aljezur

Aljezur | Source:

Tróia and Comporta are destinations in the Setúbal region, known for their magnificent beaches, unspoiled nature and tranquil atmosphere. You can get to Tróia by ferry from Setúbal. To Comporta, access can be made by road from Setúbal or by ferry from Tróia


Aljezur and Castle: Explore the village of Aljezur in the morning, visiting Aljezur Castle for panoramic views of the region.


Aljezur Beaches: Spend the afternoon on the beaches of Aljezur, Monte Clérigo Beach or Arrifana Beach.


Dinner in Aljezur: Enjoy a relaxing dinner in Aljezur, where you can taste more of the local cuisine.

Overnight: Camping Serrão.

Day 5 | 35 kms

Aljezur, Odeceixe, Zambujeira do Mar

Zambujeira do Mar | Source:

Odeceixe and Zambujeira do Mar are two charming localities located in the Alentejo region, close to the border with the Algarve. Each of them has unique characteristics and attractions that make them popular destinations for those looking for the tranquility of the Alentejo coast.


Odeceixe: Visit the village of Odeceixe, where you can explore Odeceixe Beach and enjoy the unique landscape of Ribeira de Seixe.


Zambujeira do Mar: Head to Zambujeira do Mar and explore the seaside village. Take the opportunity to relax at Zambujeira do Mar Beach.


Dinner at Zambujeira do Mar: Dine in one of the restaurants by the sea, enjoying fresh fish dishes and enjoying the view of the ocean.

Overnight: Camping Villa Park Zambujeira do Mar – Room Deals, Photos & Reviews

Day 6 | 65 kms

Zambujeira, Sines

São Torpes Beach | Source:

Sines is a city located on the southwest coast of Portugal, in the Alentejo region. Known for its seaport, rich history, and surrounding beaches, Sines offers visitors a mix of cultural heritage, outdoor activities, and a tranquil atmosphere.


Visit to Sines: In the morning, explore the city of Sines. Visit the Castle of Sines and take a walk through its alleys.


Beaches of Sines: Spend the afternoon at the beaches near Sines, namely São Torpes Beach.


Dinner in Sines: Dinner at a local restaurant in Sines to conclude your journey along the Costa Vicentina.

Overnight: Orbitur Vila Nova de Mil Fontes.

Day 7 | 150 kms

Sines, Comporta, Montijo

Comporta Beach | Source:

Comporta is a coastal region located on the Troia peninsula, south of Setúbal. Known for its natural beauty, sprawling beaches, rice paddies, and laid-back atmosphere, Comporta has become a popular destination for those looking to escape the urban hustle and bustle.

Comporta Beach or Pego Beach: Take advantage of the last day to relax and enjoy the serenity on one of the beaches: Comporta Beach or Pego Beach. If you’re interested, take part in nautical activities, such as kayaking or surf lessons, available on some of the beaches.

Carrasqueira Stilt Pier: Visit the Carrasqueira Stilt Pier, a unique wooden structure built on stilts in the water. It’s a very nice place to walk around.

Local Gastronomy: Try the local cuisine in one of Comporta’s typical restaurants, enjoying dishes based on fresh fish and rice.

Return to Montijo: End of the adventure!