Frequently Asked Questions


Are there any minimum rental periods?

The minimum rental period is 3 days. In the summer months and high season, it is 7 days.


How is the rental price calculated?
Rental prices are calculated per day and may vary depending on the characteristics of the vehicle and the time of the year. The price of each reservation, plus a service charge.


Is the value of VAT already included in the prices?
Unless expressly stated, all our prices include VAT.


What is included on the rental price?
All rentals include a protection plan (Basic) in case of accident with the following coverages: compulsory civil liability, travel assistance 24/7, own losses and damages with a liability limit (excess) of 1.950,00 € (one thousand nine hundred and fifty euros).


What is covered by the service charge?
The service charge covers the planning, organization and permanent follow-up during the travel period, the transfer service from the airport and vice versa, unlimited kms, electronic toll payment system (Via Verde identifier), welcome kit, bedding kit, bath kit, kitchen kit and cleaning kit.


Can I reserve extras or additional equipment?
Subject to availability, you can rent extras either at the time of booking online or directly at the time of the vehicle pick up: Wireless internet access (WIFI), satellite navigation system (GPS), barbecue, camping chairs, snow chains, child safety seat (free), beach kit (1 sun hat + 2 beach towels), among others

What type of driving license do I need to drive a campervan?
To drive one of our campervans, you must have a valid driving license category B (light vehicle) or an international driving license, which must be valid for more than 2 years at the time of pick up.


Is there a minimum age limit for driving our campervans?
The drivers minimum age is 21 years.
Drivers under the age of 25 must compulsorily contract the “Young Driver” protection plan, which includes own damages and losses with an excess limit of 750,00 € (seven hundred and fifty euros) (reduced excess) and the Isolated Glass Break (QIV).

Do I have to make any payment at the time of booking?
The confirmation of the reservation requires the payment of 50% of the total amount of services contracted, taxes and fees included, using a debit or credit card (Mastercard or VISA). Once the good collection, acceptance of the terms and conditions of the rental has been assured, the process is concluded with the electronic confirmation of the Reservation Confirmation.
The remaining 50% will be settled at the time of vehicle pick up, using the same means of payment (debit/credit card).


How does the security deposit work?
In order to guarantee the payment of the excess amount in case of theft, accident or damages occurring during the rental period, at the time of vehicle pick up, a security deposit will be required, the amount of which varies according to the coverages selected.
That amount will be retained in the credit card (Mastercard or VISA) of the Hirer (card holder), whose presence in the act of vehicle pick up is mandatory. The credit card must be valid at least one month after the expected date for the vehicle drop off.


When is the security deposit released?
After the vehicle drop off, the unused part of security deposit will be released, according to the specific procedures of each banking entity, notwithstanding that there may be charges made on the credit card after the vehicle drop off, either because of damages not included in the coverages contracted or due to the toll passes or traffic fines attributed to the driver. In this case, you will be always notified through the email address contained in your customer profile.


What is the reservation cancellation policy?
To cancel the reservation, send us an email (using the same email address used in the reservation) with the data of the reservation confirmation.
In case the cancellation occurs more than 30 days before the agreed date for the start of the rental, we guarantee the full refund of the amounts paid.
If the cancellation of the reservation occurs between 29 and 15 days before the agreed date for the start of the rental, the amount paid at the time of booking online, corresponding to 50% of the total contracted services, taxes and fees included, will not be refunded (application of cancellation fee). The remaining 50% will not be charged.
If the cancellation of the reservation is made within 14 days before the agreed date for the start of the rental, the total amount indicated in the Reservation Confirmation (application of the no-show fee) will be charged.


Can I change the details of my reservation?
Any change of dates, places of pick up or drop off, and other details, depend on the availability at the time and require the express approval of the Rental Firm, and note that additional charges may apply.


What documents do I need to present to pick up the campervans?
The driver and additional drivers, in addition to driving licenses, must also present a valid identification document (citizen’s card or passport). The credit card holder must be present at the time of delivery of the vehicle.


What happens if I do not provide the required documents?
If the documents mentioned in the previous point are not presented (copies will not be accepted), the contract cannot be executed and a “no-show fee” will be applied.
What are the time tables for the campervan pick up?
The vehicle delivery service runs between 10:00 and 17:00. Subject to availability, the customer may request, at the time of booking, an anticipation or a postponement of the time of vehicle pick up, in these cases an additional fee will be applied (after hours collection fee).


Where can I pick up the campervan?
You can pick up the campervan in Lisbon, about 15 minutes from Humberto Delgado airport. We offer the shuttle service between the airport and the pick up point.
Depending on the length of your stay, we have prepared a set of routes with departure and arrival in Lisbon. During the summer months, depending on availability and for an additional fee, we may accept other pick up locations that are more convenient.


What should I do if I am late in picking up the campervans, due to delay or cancellation of my flight?
The delay in the vehicle pick up or anticipation of the drop off does not grant the right to any refund for the rental period that has not been used. However, as soon as you become aware of the situation, please contact us. We will try to find a solution for transport and accommodation, if necessary.


Is it necessary to check the conditions of the campervan at the time of collection?
Yes, at the time of pick up, the campervan is carefully checked by the driver together with one of our operational staff in order to update the data contained in the rental agreement regarding the condition of the vehicle.


Is the campervan delivered with the full fuel tank?
Yes. We will try to ensure that the fuel tank is complete. If this is not possible, the fuel level will be recorded in the contract (particular conditions).

Under what conditions should I return the campervan?
You must return the campervan under the same conditions as it was delivered, at the place, date and time agreed, in good condition of use and cleaning, with the waste water tank empty, with the respective equipment, accessories and documents, equipped with the tyres in good condition and with full fuel tank.
If the campervan has a dirt level that is contrary to its normal and prudent use, such as rubbish, sand, mud or any debris, dirty kitchenware, refrigerator disconnected with food in the interior, the waste water tank to be emptied, requiring an extraordinary and thorough cleaning of the interior and exterior of the vehicle, instead of a simple and current cleaning, as would be possible in a self-service manual washing center, being charged to the Hirer an extraordinary cleaning.
The vehicle must be returned with the full fuel tank, otherwise 40,00 € (forty euros) will be charged for every 25% (1/4) of the missing fuel tank, plus 25,00 € (twenty-five euros), due to the vehicle refueling service charge.


What are the time tables for returning the campervan?
The return car service runs between 10:00 and 17:00. Subject to availability, the customer may request at the time of booking, an advance or delay of the return time of the vehicle, applying at the time of booking an additional fee (after hours return fee).


Where can I return the campervan?
Unless otherwise stated, the return must be made at our facilities in Lisbon. Later, we can offer the shuttle service to the airport.
Just at the time of pick up, a thorough examination of the campervan is carried out in the presence of the driver and one of our representatives.


What happens if I return the vehicle to a location other than the place of pick up?
An extra value may be applied, concerning the cost of return to the place of origin.


Can I extend the duration of the rental?
Extension is subject to vehicle availability. You must obtain in advance and in writing our agreement and make payment in advance of the rental amounts due for the agreed extension. In this case, you should always have copies of the contract that demonstrate the agreement given for the extension.


What should I do if I’m late in returning the campervan?
The delay should be communicated as far in advance as possible so as to coordinate the return with our operational staff. If the return takes place outside our normal hours of operation, an after hours fee may apply.


How many passengers can travel in the campervans?
In California and Grand California, up to 4 passengers can travel. Both models are equipped with 2 double beds.


Are there any limits on mileage?
All our rentals include unlimited kilometers.


Can the campervan I rented be driven by someone other than me?
Yes. As long as the “additional driver” has been previously contracted. At the time of pick up the campervan, must be indicated the main driver and additional driver(s) and the documentation of each (Citizen’s Card / Passport and Driver’s License).


Are pets allowed?
Sorry, animals are not accepted in our campervans.

Do campervans have manual or automatic transmission?
Most of our campervans have manual transmission.


Do I need bed and bath linens?
In all rentals we include bedding kit (duvet, cushions and bed sheets) and a bath kit (2 body towels + 2 face towels)


Do I need to bring my own chairs for my children?
For families travelling with children, we offer free car seats for children. For this, it is necessary that at the time of booking this need is mentioned, informing us the age and weight of the children. If you prefer, you can bring your own chair.


Are the campervans equipped with air conditioning systems?
Yes. All our campervans have modern air conditioning systems that adjust the interior temperature in a matter of seconds, thus providing fresh air on warmer days.


Do campervans have a heating system?
Yes. All our campervans are equipped with independent auxiliary heating systems, ensuring greater comfort on colder days.

What are the coverage protection plans included in the rental?
The Rental Price includes a Normal Protection Plan, with the following coverages:
• Civil Liability: protects the authorized driver regarding the payment of compensation for bodily damages and material damage caused to third parties;
• 24/7 Travel Assistance: provides for the towing of the vehicle transportation of people and goods;
• Loss and Damages: covers damages suffered by the vehicle in the event of a collision, rollover, fire, lightning and explosion, theft or robbery, with a limit liability (excess) of the Hirer or the authorized driver of 1.950,00 € (one thousand nine hundred and fifty euros).


Can I hire additional coverage?
You can hire the following additional coverage:
• Super Protection (reduced excess): sets the limit of the liability (excess) in 750,00 € (seven hundred and fifty euros).
• Best Protection (minimum excess): reduces the limit of the liability (excess) in 450,00 € (four hundred and fifty euros).
• Additional Driver (AD): covers one or more additional drivers previously authorized in the rental agreement.
• Isolated Glass Break (QIV): guarantees a replacement or repair of one of the vehicle’s windows. This warranty excludes lights, mirrors, open ceilings or panels in synthetic materials.
• Circulation Without Borders (CS/F): allows to move outside the continental Portuguese territory.


Can you help me with suggestions of places to visit?
Of course! We have several suggestions for you, depending on the rental period. Our team is committed to transforming your road trip into an unforgettable experience. From the beginning to the last day of travel we will be available to provide you with all the support you need.


Do I have to stay in a camping / caravan sites at night?
In Portugal, campervan parking for the purpose of staying overnight is only allowed in campsites and caravan parks or in properly identified places, namely campervan service areas.
These areas have, as a rule, all the conditions for the supply of electricity, washrooms and waste water disposal areas.


Do you have a list of recommended campsites?
In the list of touristic circuits, we have prepared, you can check the campsites where you can stay overnight. In any case, do not hesitate to contact us whenever you want clarification or additional information.


Can I travel with the campervan outside Portugal?
You can use the vehicle outside Portuguese mainland, in countries covered by the International Green Card Certificate, but you must request the authorization at the time of booking and subscribe the “Circulation Without Borders” coverage.
Circulation outside Portugal mainland is assumed to be unauthorized in case of no response from us.

What should I do if the campervan has a problem during the trip?
If you notice any technical problem with the vehicle, in particular the warning signs of the vehicle dashboard, you must immobilize it immediately and contact us or, in the case of out of office hours, if justified, travel assistance shall ensure the towing of the vehicle and transport of people and goods.


In case of accident how should I proceed?
In the event of an accident, you must fill in the Friendly Car Accident Declaration (DAAA) and call the authorities. Subsequently, you must report to us the occurrence and deliver all documentation related to the claim.


How can I pay the tolls?
All our vehicles are equipped with a toll payment system which allows through the use of an identifier, which determines the value of the toll rate in order to collect it. You must make available a valid credit card to cover the payments due, accepting that the debits can occur after the end of the contract, provided that the use of the road infrastructure has occurred during its term. This service is included in the rental price (no tolls).