Why visit Portugal? Check our top 5 reasons!

Portugal has been winning consecutively tourism awards!
And why is that?! Scroll down and find out by yourself!


Home for foodies!

Portuguese cuisine is one of the most valuable resources of this amazing country. It’s rich, based on genuine and fresh products, cooked according to traditional recipes that are transferred between generations.

The best fish in the world, stated by renowned international chefs, in regard to taste and texture that can only be found in the Atlantic. The famous Portuguese codfish, grilled sardines and cataplana can’t be missed for those who like to conjure all the senses around the table.

Portuguese meat from local breeds, who work daily to maintain the succulence and flavor. The traditional “cozido a portuguesa”, the tender suckling pig from Mealhada and grilled chicken from Guia are just few examples on how meat lovers will never want to leave Portugal.

To accompany all the dishes, Portuguese table wines, are exactly the right choice. From red to white, fruited, soft or aromatic, you will get yourself lost on a palate mix of emotions that will make you feel home.

Finish your meal with the iconic Portuguese sweet desert, pastel de nata. It’s much more than a custard pie. It’s a pure balance from creaminess and crispiness that will make you want to eat more and more…
Sit down the table and experience the best Portuguese gastronomy has to offer!



Summer means Beach!

Portuguese coast is recognized for the white-sandy beaches bathed by the Atlantic Ocean with such a natural beauty that it’s even hard to describe in words! You need to visit and experience by yourself.

With high standards of quality, most of the beaches are granted with the European blue flag each year, which is distinctive of excellent conditions for you to refresh yourself in summer season.

The most famous and awarded ones are in the South of Portugal, in Algarve. More than 200 Km of coast, clean and calm sea with warm water, under a clean sky with the sun shinning more than 3,000 hours per year.

However, our suggestion goes to the fantastic road trip through the Southwest, where you can find wild beauty, desert beaches and a landscape with an unparallel contact with Mother Nature.

Portuguese beaches it’s an all year-round place to be. Beaches are ideal places to sit and read a book having in the background the waves sound, to take a walk or jog by the calmness that only the sea can provide, having a nice meal with a breath-taking view or simply being more adventurous and try some water sports, such as surf, body board or kite-surfing.

When packing for Portugal don’t forget to include your swim wear!

History, People and Culture

With more than 800 years of history, Portugal is considered one of the oldest countries in the world. Has been for centuries influenced by a variety of different people and costumes, in result of invasions from Romans and Moorish, that left their traces in the rich legacy that can be found thorough Portugal.

Portugal may not be a Mediterranean country, however the culture and life style it reflects it. Devoted in fresh quality food, healthy standards of life and prioritize to spend time with family and loved ones. Being a social oriented country, all cities provide many activities indoors and outdoors during the all year.

Portugal has several classifications as part of “World Heritage”, being a wealthy country in history and culture. Monasteries, convents, churches, outstanding monuments, historic centers and cultural landscapes can be visited from north to south. The sanctuary of Fatima was blessed in 2017 by Pope Francis and is a place worth to visit being one of the world’s largest Catholic pilgrimage site, attracting 5 million visitors every year.

In terms of Music, you can’t speak about Portugal without mention Fado. It’s somehow a traditional folk music embraced in sensitive feelings such as loss, love, sadness and longing. Book a fine dinning restaurant with live show and get ready to be overwhelmed.

Portuguese people will be always more than glad to welcome you in open arms. Nice, humble and polite, are known for being very hospitable, friendly and proud of their country and culture. Most people speak English, being a great advantage for the communication with tourists.



Climate in Portugal can be considered in general as warm due to Mediterranean influence. It varies regarding the season and considerably between regions, according to the altitude and proximity of the sea.

Winters/autumns are often mild, cloudy with some days with rain while springs/summers are dry, sunny and hot. Inland cities usually with colder winter although still mild if you compare with the rest of Europe. Some snowfall happens in winter season in Serra de Estrela mountains.

During summer months, Portugal get some refreshing sea breezes which makes very pleasant conditions, with and average of 12 hours with sunshine. This is the best time to enjoy some time outdoors and explore some of the best beaches that the world can offer.

Lightweight cottons and linens are the ideal during spring and summer days and some warmer clothes and raingear during autumn and winter. Whenever and wherever you go take always a sweater as evenings are usually cool.

Pack properly according to the season you plan to come!



Safety & Serenity

Portugal is acknowledged as one of the safest countries in the world. Crime rates are very low, violent crimes are punctual and often concentrated in isolated neighborhoods. There are no expectations of natural hazards and very unlikely to suffer a terrorist threat.

However, being a safe there are some precautions that you need to take as a tourist.

Being a top tourist destination, petty crime as pickpocketing in the main cities is a common event, especially on crowded streets, bus on subway stations. Never leave your stuff unattended or your bag opened and accessible.

If you travel by car, avoid having your personal valuable belongings inside, mainly if you have a rented car or campervan. Keep with you all the time your personal ID or passport.

In Portugal you will feel safe and secured so that you can focus your attention on the best this country has to offer!


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