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Carbon neutrality: Measure, reduce, and offset

With us your road trip is environmentally neutral!
We are committed to providing you with an unforgettable adventure with the assurance that every mile traveled on our campervans pays off in terms of climate. In this way, all our customers will be contributing to the production of renewable energy that supplies thousands of homes in Oaxaca, Mexico.

How is the CO2 footprint calculated?
The calculation of CO2 emissions produced directly by campervans from Mr.Vancamper is based on the technical characteristics of the vehicles provided by the manufacturers (average emission in grams of CO2 per km travelled). The kilometers traveled by each campervan are obtained from the official records of Mr.Vancamper, allowing to calculate exactly the tons of CO2 emitted by each campervan over a year.

Does Mr.Vancamper guarantee carbon neutrality?
Currently, campervans with zero CO2 emissions does not yet exist on the market. Until then, we want to offset, through donations, the emissions produced by our customers when they rent our campervans. The principle of climate neutrality is to support internationally recognized climate protection projects by contributing an amount that is calculated on the basis of our CO2 emissions. Since greenhouse gases (GHG) are uniformly disseminated in the atmosphere, it makes no difference where we support projects. What is important is that the climate protection project is certified in accordance with international standards, as is the case with the project supported by Mr.Vancamper.

What is the project supported by Mr.Vancamper?
Oaxaca II, III and IV produce electricity to meet the consumption of 700,000 Mexican homes, avoiding the emission of 670,000 tons of CO2, equivalent to the effect of clearing 33.5 million trees from the atmosphere through the process of photosynthesis. ACCIONA, one of the leading Spanish companies on the IBEX 35 and present in more than 40 countries, contributes its experience to the development of a better planet, responding to the needs of infrastructure, water and energy with innovative and responsible solutions that generate real progress based on an alternative and unusual way of doing business. In this way, the company develops its business activities based on the commitment to contribute to the economic, environmental and social development of the communities in which it operates. In the state of Oaxaca (Mexico), ACCIONA contributes to its sustainable development through an extensive program of social initiatives whose investment comes from the upcoming renewable generation plants: The Oaxaca II, III, IV and Eurus wind farms. Some 500,000 euros have been dedicated to the development of these initiatives, which benefit more than 30,000 people.

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