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Clean & Safe Establishment

To protect the health of all our customers and collaborators, we have adopted the preventive measures for contagion and transmission by COVID-19, following the guidelines of the Directorate General of Health (DGS).

Critical points of direct contagion
Includes compliance with basic rules of social distancing, hand hygiene (frequent washing), respiratory etiquette (coughing or sneezing into the flexed forearm or wearing a tissue), social conduct (avoiding close contact, handshakes, kissing, shared workplaces, face-to-face meetings and sharing food, utensils, cups and towels) and the use of appropriate personal protective equipment (protective masks, goggles or visors, gloves, suits, etc.).

Critical points of indirect infection
Covers the planning, training, and execution of cleaning and disinfection procedures for facilities and vehicles, using personal protective equipment, materials, and appropriate cleaning and disinfection products, focusing on the most frequent contact surfaces (door handles, light switches, telephones, tablets and computer keyboards, taps, toilet handles, tables, countertops, chairs, handrails, among others).


Dishes and kitchen utensils
Dishwasher washing at high temperature. Storage in closed containers, previously cleaned and disinfected.

Treatment of bed linen and towels
Machine wash, at a temperature above 60º, using appropriate machine detergent.
Use of tumble dryer and iron, at the maximum temperature allowed for the fabrics concerned.

Cleaning and disinfection of all extras (tables, chairs, surfboards and others) before being stored.

Treatment of waste
Daily placement, deposit and removal of waste in strict compliance with all health and safety rules.

Administrative and operational procedures
The procedures for receiving and transporting clients (transfer operations), the collection and return of vehicles (pick up and drop off), are documented and made available to all employees to which they relate so that each one knows exactly how to proceed.

Information to customers
To ensure the effectiveness of measures to prevent covid-19 contagion, before the expected arrival date, customers receive a welcome message with information on the safety procedures that must be observed during the period of displacement and stay in the facilities, with reference to the need to use personal protective equipment, when applicable.

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